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Tepoe Nash – The Great Spingolly Rock ‘n’ Roll


     Tepoe Nash was born and raised in the rural part of middle Tennessee,  He began his musical journey at the young age of five when his mom and dad bought him a guitar for his birthday. Although Tepoe loved the guitar, he loved to experiment on other instruments, and by the age of twelve, Tepoe was writing songs, singing lead, and playing drums in a rock band at many of the local venues. Over the years, while developing his songwriting skills and musical abilities on various instruments, Tepoe was involved in several rock bands. Two of the bands were seriously considered by major record labels, but the challenges of keeping the bands together prohibited their further development. After accepting the reality of these challenges, Tepoe decided to pursue a solo musical career.
Tepoe began performing in Nashville, Tennessee, as an acoustic artist at various songwriting venues such as the Bluebird Café, the French Quarter, the Commodore Lounge, the Hall of Fame Lounge, and many others.  Tepoe was inspired to record his acoustic songs and then organized a tour to Las Vegas to promote his new CD. He performed at many cities along the way including Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis. Tepoe was then invited to perform on a local Pax television show called “Nashville On Stage”  where he performed several times.  This show was viewed by approximately 3.5 million people in the Tennessee area. Tepoe also had the honor to began collaborating and performing with Hall of Famer, Wayne Moss, also known as Barefoot Jerry.  Wayne is better known for his guitar playing and session work.  He has more session work than could be mentioned here but some of his accomplishments that Tepoe loved are, He recorded the original guitar track for Roy Orbison on “O Pretty Woman” and was the lead guitarist on “Only Daddy” for Waylon Jennings.   He also was a musician on Bob Dylan’s greatest CD “Blonde on Blonde!

Although Tepoe enjoys performing his acoustic music, his burning desire for rock music was reignited and led him to work on his latest rock project entitled “The Great SpinGolly”. Three of the songs on the CD made it to #1 on Song Planet Radio and is currently being featured on several radio stations around the world! He is really proud of how the CD turned out because every element of this project was completed by him. Tepoe played all of the instruments, sang all of the vocal parts, mixed and recorded the tracks, designed the artwork for the CD, and wrote eight out of the ten songs on the CD. The other two songs are Tepoe’s versions of some rock and roll classics.

Tepoe loves working on different kinds of music and has recently been recording and releasing some new country music songs.  These new songs have also been receiving radio airplay!

Tepoe received a patent on a new type of guitar and started a business entitled, Computerized Guitar, he is currently working on the development of his invention, and invites you to check it out at www.ComputerizedGuitar.com.

Tepoe is currently recording new music and will continue to diligently pursue his musical interests. Tepoe says, “Music is in my blood!  I’m grateful to God for my past success in music and I’m really excited about what the future holds!”

Official Site

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Moonshine of Tennessee

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