Anna-Maria Hefele / Obertongesang

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Anna-Maria Hefele / Obertongesang

Anna-Maria Hefele is an overtone singer and voice artist. She plays nyckelharpa, harp & other instruments.

In 2014 she graduated as Bachelor of Arts in Elemental Music & Dance Education with classical singing as her main subject from the Carl Orff Institute, Mozarteum University Salzburg

She started with overtone singing in 2005 and has written compositions for polyphonic solo voice since 2006. In 2006 she started building music instruments for her own use e.g. didgeridoo, wooden alpine flute (mit 6 holes), occarina, Bohemian folk harp.

Anna-Maria is a soloist as an overtone singer in different ensembles, such as “Supersonus – the European resonance ensemble” and “Orchester der Kulturen” in Stuttgart, conducted by Adrian Werum.

In 2013 she was a musician in Yvonne Pouget’s dance theatre “Die Füße und Ohren der Engel- Leben mit Ersatzteilen” and in 2014 she is also part of her ensemble in the current dance theatre production “La Cattedrale Nel Vento”.

From 2010 to 2012 she was a singer, composer and vocal artist at the Nationaltheater Mannheim for the contemporary ballet “the garden of other” by the Canadian choreographer Dominique Dumais.

She sings in different high quality choirs such as the Deutscher Jugendkammerchor (Robert Göstl), Europäischer Obertonchor (Wolgang Saus, Steffen Schreyer), Obertonchor München (Matthias Privler)

She’s also quite enthusiastic about old, traditional Bavarian folk-music and yodelling, and also plays traditional music for dancing with the Bavarian folk-music group “Garchinger Pfeiffer”. As she is also a teacher and gives workshops in overtone singing, yodelling and vocal improvisation.

Originally Anna-Maria Hefele was a maker of display models and studied at “Deutsches Museum München” from 2005-2009, where she graduated as the best of her year in Germany.

So she also likes working in a workshop even if she’s now more interested in building special music instruments for her own use. Her parents are both music instrument builders.

Anna Maria Hefele
Anna-Maria Hefele / Obertongesang

The Voca People

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The Voca People

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Quincy Ledbetter and Ryan Conner catch Andy Akiho and Mariel Roberts performing an original piece entitled, “21”.

Composed by Andy Akiho.
Mariel Roberts:

Andy Akiho  Bio from official site :

Described as “mold-breaking” and “vital” by The New York Times and as “a young composer to watch” by The LA Times, Andy Akiho is an eclectic and contemporary composer/performer whose interests run from steel pan to traditional classical music. Recent engagements include a commission by Carnegie Hall premiered by Ensemble ACJW, a world premiere commissioned by the New York Philharmonic, a performance with the LA Philharmonic, a tour in Taiwan for the 2012 International Drum Festival, and three shows at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC featuring original compositions. His rhythmic compositions continue to increase in recognition: selected from an initial pool of over 500 applicants, Akiho won the grand prize for the 2011 Make Music National Composition Competition hosted by the Grammy-winning ensemble eighth blackbird and, in 2012, he won the Carlsbad Composer Competition to write a piece for the Calder String Quartet. Other recent awards include a 2012 Chamber Music America Grant with Sybarite5, the 2011 Woods Chandler Memorial Prize, a 2011 Music Alumni Award, the 2010 Horatio Parker Award at the Yale School of Music, three ASCAP Plus Awards, an ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award, and a 2008 Brian M. Israel Prize. Akiho has composed for ETHEL, the Atlanta Symphony National Snare Drum Competition, the Bang on a Can Marathon, The Playground Ensemble, and the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. Akiho’s compositions have been heard in a range of venues, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Symphony Space, Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Lincoln Center, Merkin Hall, MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, MASS MoCA, MCA Chicago, (le) Poisson Rouge, and John Zorn’s The Stone. His works have been featured on PBS’s “News Hour with Jim Lehrer” and by organizations such as Meet the Composer, Bang on a Can, American Composers Forum, and The Society for New Music.


Mariel Roberts Bio from Official Site :

“Trailblazing” cellist Mariel Roberts (Feast of Sounds) is quickly gaining recognition as a deeply dedicated interpreter and performer of contemporary music. Recent performances have garnered praise for her “technical flair and exquisite sensitivity” (American Composers Forum), as well as her ability to “couple youthful vision with startling maturity”. (InDigest Magazine). She holds degrees from both the Eastman School and the Manhattan School of Music, where she specialized in contemporary performance practice while studying with Alan Harris and Fred Sherry. Mariel performs internationally as a member of the Mivos String Quartet, and has performed with a variety of other ensembles in venues around the world as an advocate of living composers.  



Woodoo Child Girl’s Awesome Cover of Hendrix on a Gayageum

BLUES Experimental Senza categoria Video

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Woodoo Child Girl’s Awesome Cover of Hendrix on a Gayageum

The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument, with 12 strings.


Carmina Burana

CLASSICAL Experimental Senza categoria Video

Carmina Burana

Before any player of the road, then a barrage of surprises never end for one of the most incredible performances that have ever been seen in a train station, took place on 23 April 2012, but still viral. The flash mob was the protagonist of the Vienna Volksoper Orchestra, in a project to spread the passion for the Opera

BOSS Loop Contest 2011 Simkó-Várnagy Mihály “Fiesta”

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BOSS Loop Contest 2011 Simkó-Várnagy Mihály “Fiesta”

Looper Project on Yamaha SCV-100 and Yamaha TRB 6string bass with TC Nova System and BOSS Loop Station RC-50. Written and played by Mihály Simkó-Várnagy, edited by Balázs Tokaji, Recorded in Budapest October 2011.

Anna Stereopoulou Oneirograph v.5.spindle live

Art Experimental Senza categoria Video

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Anna Stereopoulou Oneirograph v.5.spindle  live

On June 11th, 2013, the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT was officially shutdown by the Greek government. Since then, the former ERT staff has been offering their skills and knowledge, trying to create and preserve a model of “independent and universal public service broadcasting in Greece”.
In the early hours of November 7th, 2013, riot police raided the headquarters of ERT the occupied public broadcaster.

The present performance of Anna Stereopoulou’s project “…oneirograph…v.5.spindle” was one of the events organised by ERT Open -July 14th, 2013 @ ERT headquarters’ courtyard- and it is dedicated to all technicians -sound/film- who offered her the opportunity to Speak her Voice worldwide, as well as to all former ERT employees who still fight for a free and independent expression and information, offering their services for free; to all people in Greece and worldwide who struggle against silencing, censorship, injustice, racism and any form of violence. To everyone fighting for the Dream!

Many thanks to |a-z|: Aivalis Nikos, Delona Giota, Klmn Daisy, Koutsimpiri Maria, Panayiotou Eleni, Remo Gabriel, Spiros Train, Tsaras Pantazis and many more!

~ about the Video |credits|:
// Sound: Makis Gigas, Stefanos Chatzakis, Lefteris Zarpas
Ήχος: Μάκης Γίγας, Στέφανος Χατζάκης, Λευτέρης Ζάρπας
// Film Direction: Takis Sakellariou
Σκηνοθεσία Μαγνητοσκόπησης: Τάκης Σακελλαρίου
// Hand-held Camera: Apostolis Kyriakis
Φορητή Κάμερα: Αποστόλης Κυριάκης
// Video Source:

~ about the Project |info|:
~ about the raid on ERT |info|:…

“The worst cage is the illusion of Freedom” — G.B.

Music composed, performed, produced by Anna Stereopoulou
©All rights reserved by the composer, 2013
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©
Official WebSite:

The Sound of Taste

Art Experimental Senza categoria Video

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The Sound of Taste

An audio visual installation in association with Schwartz Flavour Shots, an innovative new
range of herb and spice blends locked in oil. What does flavour look like? How does it
sound? These are the questions that inspired herb and spice experts, Schwartz, to create
what they describe as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’.

Several tons of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli
and coriander were rigged to explode in perfect sync with a bespoke musical composition.
Each explosion represents an individual piano note or chord, which when filmed at high
speed, creates a surreal three dimensional sound scape.

The project bought together an eclectic collective of creative collaborators. DJ/Producer
MJ Cole was approached to translate the sensation of taste into a musical composition.
Film maker Chris Cairns and pyrotechnic designers, ‘Machine Shop’, then went to work
turning this sound into a physical scale.

The Sound of Taste